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Anthony Attanasio
Feb 07, 2022
In Share Your Memory
When I think back to my childhood in Westfield, sometimes I remember my friend's parents almost as much as I do my old friends. Mrs. Bridgeman (because I could NEVER call her Pat, even as an adult) was one of those parents. I spent countless hours hanging out with Scott playing video games, manhunt, sleepovers etc. Through it all Mrs. Bridgeman was always a warm and welcoming presence throughout all of those memories. She never lost her temper, gave us the freedom to have fun, but was watching close enough to keep us (mostly) out of trouble. She was the definition of a cool Mom. When I think back about my memories of her, they are filled with admiration and love. I hope she's resting in peace and that her family finds some comfort in how much I know she was loved.

Anthony Attanasio

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